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MyMode Prepaid4u – Reload Prepaid TopUp Business Opportunity

MyMode Prepaid4u Products for all telecommunications includes Maxis, Celcom, Tmnet, Streamyx, Jaring, iTalk users. This is your opportunity to change your lifestyle. Change your lifestyle to a mobile lifestyle.

MyMode Technology

The rapid growth of the Malaysia Mobile industry has largely been due to the development of a simple and highly popular mode of mobile communication. The SMS (Short Messaging System) Statistics from Communication & Multimedia Malaysia had indicated that over 3,406 million SMS have been sent in the first period of year 2005. Not only for personal messages but also for businesses. Asia Mobile Commerce Privilege (M) Sdn Bhd had developed M-Commerce MyMode Prepaid4u Portal to facilitate mobile phone users in Malaysia and at the same time introduced an opportunity for them to start their own mobile phone business in a creative and innovative manner.

The company is offering a business opportunity which is based on the Multi Network Marketing concept. Its main target is the millions of handphone users in Malaysia which is expected to grow significantly. It had attracted a lot of enthusiasm and attention and currently it has agents set up all over the country. This is MyMode Prepaid4u Mobile Business Solutions.

The cost of almost all essential items had gone up and will go up again. We have now less to spend unless we find other source of income. MyMode Prepaid4u presents a great opportunity to start your own business. All you need is your handphones!!! Know how to send SMS and live the mobile lifestyle. If you need to start your very own business immediately, we strongly urge you to join our dynamic and highly motivated team. We have developed a system to help you get downlines without you doing anything and you can begin to generate a steady stream of income right away. We want you to be our partner. We offer you the solutions. And MyMode Prepaid4u has teamed up with Maybank. MyMode at Maybank ATM

What Makes MyMode Prepaid4u The Top Internet Business In Malaysia?

1. Strong Company Background.

MyMode Prepaid4u is an online portal developed and managed by the Asia Mobile Commerce Privilege (M) Sdn Bhd which has its HQ in Selangor. It provides state of the art mobile solutions to improve the efficiency of mobile communications. Asia Mobile Commerce Privilege (M) Sdn Bhd has been named the winner of “The 4th Asia Pacific/Malaysia Entrepreneur Excellence Award” and “The 4th Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise – Keris Award 2005″. The awards was on recognition of its achievements received by its household MyMode Prepaid4u brand. MyMode Prepaid4u provides the means for its members to gain access to the multiple mobile contents including mobile shopping, mobile information, mobile entertainment and mobile loyalty. MyMode Prepaid4u had already established a huge number of followers. Currently, MyMode Prepaid4u has more than 155,000 agents. MyMode Prepaid4u has seen 3 successful and exciting years and is currently expanding its operation to several countries and shall be starting its operation in Cambodia soon.

MyMode Excellence Award MyMode Keris Award

2. Products.

MyMode Official Website We’re not selling useless items that you don’t need. In fact, it deals with something you still have to buy whether you like it or not. We are talking about prepaid topup. Everyone use it. You can topup for yourself, your friends or relatives 24 hours a day, to either users of Maxis, Celcom, iTalk etc. Get rebates, bonuses, incentives etc. And get paid every week. In just a short span of 3 months we have many agents making from RM120 a week to RM12,000 a month. Everyone under your group tops up you’ll get paid. Everyone under you who registered a new members, you’ll get paid. Even other groups tops up or get downlines, you’ll get paid ( 2 star and above)

3. A “REQUIRED” Product In Malaysia.

Prepaid topup is a “REQUIRED” product in Malaysia. You need to topup at least once a month or even three times a month. Or even more? So if you need to topup for your childrens, neighbours, your co-workers etc. Imagine you have thousands of agents under your group and each time any one of them topup their handphones you get rebates. On a regular and continuous basis for LIFE!!! Remember, you will be paid every week. And don’t forget, you also get signup bonuses. Each time there is a new signup under you or others. You’ll Get Paid On A Regular And Continuous Basis. For LIFE!!! And the amount increases when your group gets bigger.

4. Low Investment With High Income.

MyMode Asia Mobile

How much you need to start this Mobile Prepaid Business?
If you need to keep 10 pieces of prepaid card stock, you will need at least RM5000 which do not include rental fee, utilities fee etc. Under MyMode Prepaid4u, you don’t need a big capital. You can become a MyMode Prepaid4u agent with just RM60!

Just imagine yourself being one of the millions of normal prepaid users. And every Thursday morning you receive a SMS from MyMode Prepaid4u which reads:

<MyMode> Congrats! Bonus for 1/2008 p1 is 306.00

Every WEEK!!! Not once a month, But once a WEEK!!!

5. Risk Free.

For you to start topping yourself or to other prepaid users handphone accounts. What type of business can you start with RM60? This is a one off payment. MyMode Prepaid4u needs to maintain your account, administer your daily transaction, update your profile. And send SMS to you every week to inform you how much you are getting. And we are offering you a referrer webpage for FREE!!! They need to pay hosting fee, administrate your account, and provide promotional materials etc. And all these for RM60. And you stand a chance to win great prizes. Car, TVs, Cash and much more!!!

MyMode MOL Freedom MasterCard

6. No Monthly Charges.

In MyMode Prepaid4u, the yearly fee is only 5 Mypoints (RM5 only) . You don’t have to reactivate your account after you had join. But if you spend 1000 MyPoints (RM1000) in 12 month period buying or selling MyMode Prepaid4u products, your yearly fee will be waived away just like that.

7. So Easy!!!

If you got a mobile phone, know how to send SMS, and want to get the extra cash. You MUST be a MyMode Prepaid4u agent.

8. The Art Of Mobile Solutions.

MyMode Latest Gateways

All the administrative processes are automatically handled through MyMode Prepaid4u Server Gateways. Currently the company have 11 Gateways where agents can use any of these gateways to send SMS instructions. These Gateways are assigned according to the main telecomunication companies. Maxis (012/017), Digi (016) and Celcom (013/019). You will be given a PIN CODE to access the member area to view all your personal or group’s transaction records, your personal or groups business performance (your downlines) Where your income come from, rebates, signups etc. You can track your accounts detail 24 hours a day in real time either through the company website or by SMS to any of the Gateway numbers. We provide you a total solutions system, a virtual office to operate your business anywhere in the world. Get up to date informations, announcements, promotions, communicate through forums with our fellow agents and more.

MyMode Prepaid4u Official Website @ http://www.mymode.com.my/

This website is a 3rd party webpage system created by a highly dedicated and capable team of MyMode Prepaid4u agents to promote MyMode Prepaid4u prepaid business. Its main purpose is to provide an easy, secured and reliable platform to assist anyone who owns a handphone and to start this very promising Reload Prepaid TopUp Business. This system comes with a free referrer webpage, randomizer system for visitors without sponsor/referrer, downline matrix system and other innovative features to help you promote and spread your business. The moment you register with us, you can immediately start your journey to earn extra income. You will be provided with a free referrer webpage and additional supports. Imagine your free referrer webpage reaching hundreds and thousands of prospective agents in the internet. All your downline will have the same support and the network will expand at a very fast rate. These facilities are not provided by MyMode Prepaid4u and are only exclusively for anyone who register with us. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, join us now and be part of this dynamic team and immediately grab the benefits.


(Currently we’re running a RM50 RM55!!! signup fee Promotions for a new signup under our group)

If you need more informations on how to operates this business or even got any questions related to this business opportunities, feel free to ask or leave your comments and find out more about our Special Offer (Just for a limited time only) and how to join us with only RM50 RM55!!! @ Our Promotions page.

The Best Online Business For Reload Prepaid TopUp In Malaysia

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Article Source: MyMode Prepaid4u Mobile Prepaid Business
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