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To all the other MyMode members, if you want to topup your MyMode account, you can use the CIMB Click Online Bazaar (3 working days) or read the instructions down here to topup using the Maybank ATM Service (Instant topup) and Maybank2u Online (Instant topup).

Top Up MyPoints Via Maybank Kawanku ATM
English Version |
BM Version

You will need to activate your account to use this service.

To Activate, SMS:
MyMode PIN No.<space>atm<space>Yes

Send to MyMode Gateway.
Upon activation, you will receive a reply from MyMode SMS Server confirming your registration. You can now use the Maybank Kawanku ATM to top up your MYeCASH Account!

How to top up your MYeCASH Account via Maybank Kawanku ATM

Step 1:
Insert Maybank ATM card and enter your Maybank PIN No.

Step 2:
Select “OTHER TRANSACTION ” on “Main Menu” screen.


Step 3:
Select “PREPAID PAYMENT ” on “Please Select A Transaction” screen.


Step 4:
Select “MYeCASH PREPAID ” on “Please Select Type of Prepaid” screen.


Step 5:
Select Top-up Code Denomination on “MYeCASH Prepaid ” screen.


Step 6:
After the transaction has been successfully done, an ATM receipt/transaction slip will be generated and imprinted with the 16 Digit Top-Up Code.

Step 7:
The ATM will display the following:


Step 8:
With the 16 Digit Top-up Code, you can proceed to send an SMS to MYeCASH ’s Gateway.

SMS Command to Top up

MyMode PIN No.<space>atm<space>16 Digit Top-up Code
Eg: 1234 atm 1234567890123456


* Service fee of 1 MYeCASH will automatically be deducted for every transaction.

*Terms and Conditions apply

How to use Maybank2u Online?

Maybank2u Step 1

Step 1: Go to and login your ID & Password.

Maybank2u Step 2

Step 2: Select “BUY ONLINE”

Maybank2u Step 3


Maybank2u Step 4

Step 4: Click at “Payee List” select “MYeCASH”

Maybank2u Step 5

Step 5: Select denomination (Denomination is 30, 60, 100, 150 or 200)

Maybank2u Step 6

Step 6: Key in TAC no. and click “Confirm”

Maybank2u Step 7

Step 7: Acknowledgement screen will appear. System will generate payment reference number for customer future reference. Customer can print out the page for their proof of payment.

*Terms & Conditions apply


RM1 deduction from MYeCASH account for each transaction. Send 16 digit top up code to MYeCASH gateway. Please keep the transaction reference number or receipt for future reference.

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Article Source: MyMode Prepaid4u Mobile Prepaid Business
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